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We have been distributing industrial automation, motion control, electronic control and sensing equipment from leading brands like Omron, STI, ASO Safety, G-Tec and more since 1997.

We are known for our honest and creative solutions, providing the best products and services to build long term customer relationships.

Brands from Amon Electronics: Omron, STI, ASO Safety, GTec, More...

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Products from Amon Electronics: Sensors, Industrial Automation, Motion Control, Safety Solutions, more...
Price Match Guarantee

We’ll match any price - online or from another distributor - provided:

  • The product is in stock
  • It is not a special offer
  • The site is not an auction website
  • The product is new, unused and not damaged
  • Is identical to our product
  • Delivery charges are identical to ours
Services from Amon Electronics: Training and Consultancy, Energy Management and Air Monitoring, and more

Our Offer

We offer a fully streamlined procurement process thanks to our exclusive distribution rights, strategic partnerships and years of industry experience.

Training, consultancy, site visits and other services ensure your industrial automation, motion control and sensing needs can be met quickly and effectively.  Contact us to discuss your industrial automation, control and sensing requirements further.

As part of our commitment to making it easier for you to find and buy the equipment you need, you can now browse and buy online at the Amon Electronics Online Store.